05 April, 2011

World Cup presented to Team India original, Says ICC World Cup 2011

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday denied handing out a replica of the World Cup to Team India.

The cricket governing body was reacting to reports that it gave away a fake world cup to the winners instead of the original one.

"The trophy presented to India was the original ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 trophy. The trophy was always intended to be presented to the winner of the event. There is no question that this was a replica," the ICC said in a statement.

"The trophy seized by Mumbai customs is the promotional, perpetual trophy which remains with ICC. That trophy will be reclaimed today and will travel back to Dubai as was always intended," the statement added.

The real trophy, valued at about $130,000 in monetary terms but priceless for the cricketers and their fans across the country, was not even brought to Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium during the finals as it was seized by the customs department on its arrival from Colombo after the Sri Lanka-New Zealand semi-final match on March 29. The trophy, according to customs rules, was not eligible for exemption from import duty

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adil_akhter84 said...

India not win the world cup,actually India Buy World cup... fake champions deserve fake trophy. If you can see the inauguration ceremony of World cup 2011 where ICC display trophy you can easily identify the difference between original and fake. ICC and Indian Joker cricket board bought a CHINA COPY from local KHADDA MARKET for KHADDA CHAMPIONS. hahahaha what a SHAME and joke for INDIA.


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