08 November, 2008

"Saurav and Sachin"One of the most successful partners in the Indian

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One of the most successful partners in the Indian ,why even in the world’s cricketing history is Saurav and Sachin. There are more than 20 one-day century partnerships to this pair’s credit. The same story continues in test cricket also. The total Indian team’s score and performance were entirely dependent on these two for a period of 8 years in late 90’s. There were too many ironical similarities these two have like Sachin made or broke most of his records with Saurav on the field or batting at the other end and vice verse. Now one star decided to get down from all forms of cricket which means double work for the Little Master.Ganguly was looking in great touch and will be as determined as ever in his final innings, which will be upon on us soon. He has looked fantastic throughout this series, and has made so many Indian supporters very proud.

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